Virtual paralegal Services


Workflow is Never Steady

In a perfect world cases would enter your firm at a steady and manageable pace allowing you a perfect work/life balance. If only.

When the case load reaches a fever pitch it would be nice to have a flexible paralegal who could walk in and start helping right away, lightening your load and giving your firm a quality product, we have a solution. 

The Digital World is Now

Virtual Paralegal Services has become the best way to take care of an influx in case load or to use as a flexible permanent outsource of your paralegal workflow. Say goodbye to frustrations associated with finding, vetting, interviewing, and sometimes firing personnel in your quest to handle the case load.  

Contact us for details. We have a team of paralegals available right now to handle your paralegal service needs.


Are you a Paralegal?

 Challenge yourself to reach higher in the paralegal world, work on a schedule that fits your life, and after a proven service record be able to find gainful long term employment with a firm if you so desire. 

We are constantly looking for competent, passionate, motivated individuals to join our paralegal team. 

If a flexible schedule, competitive pay scale, and performance incentives are appealing then apply to find out more.