Pro Se Litigant Support

We are not lawyers. We are the mechanics of the law.

As a Pro Se litigant you are facing a situation that is very likely completely unknown and mysterious to you. We understand the opposition you are facing. Our team of paralegals have hundreds of years of experience in the legal field between them, and they stand at attention ready to assist you in whatever legal bind you find yourself in. 

We do not offer legal advice, counsel, or direction. We are mechanics of the law, ready and waiting to build your filings, responses, and other legal documents at your explicit direction and guidance so that you have the best odds when representing yourself in a court of law. 

Combining our services with legal counsel you obtain through your own lawyer, or through Legal Shield, gives you a cost efficient and extremely effective legal team to support you on your legal case.

Legal Shield

 Legal Shield is an invaluable tool that gives you access to legal counsel for a price point starting at $25 a month, not $300 an hour. 

Legal Shield gives you the licensed legal counsel you need to build your case strategy, and Intrepid Paralegal will give you the paralegal support to build your case's motions and filings at your instruction so that you experience success in the court room.

Build your legal team today.

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