Post conviction modifications and appeals

        We have relationships with local skilled attorneys who utilize our services to help you create a successful and compelling argument within a reasonable budget. A variety of post-conviction assistance is available. After conviction you have many options to assist you in reducing your sentence, appeals, or even seeking assistance for alcohol and drug abuse treatment. (8505/8507) We can support all necessary paperwork and motions to get you back into a courtroom.

        Our paralegals have extensive knowledge of all motions in the American Justice System. We are relentless in what we attempt to accomplish for you. We offer services to support all civil and criminal litigation cases. Our motions are not generic, and are created with personal attention for each client giving the judicial entity a real idea of who you are. Personalized motions continue to have greater success rate then motions filed from templates. 

8505 and 8507 Drug Assistance Programs

        Many crimes today are due to a battle with substance and drug abuse problems. Due to the struggle to maintain their addiction people turn to acts of violence and criminal acts.


        Many clients have struggled with drug and alcohol addiction issues and are now confined within the walls of the Department of Corrections. This environment is toxic and noxious for any recovering addict. With violence, drug abuse, and open floor housing, recovery can be nearly impossible.

        Finding effective treatment for and prevention of drug abuse and drug dependency is a core belief for Intrepid. Both of these conditions are now understood as a Substance Abuse Disorder by the American Psychological Association. Let us help get the proper medical help that you or your loved ones need. We offer different support services such as creating and filing for a long term drug treatment program, transitional housing, and outpatient therapy options. We will work with your legal counsel and vendors to bring about the resolution you need.