Department of Corrections and DPSCS

        Once a Trial has ended and you have been sentenced to the custody of the Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services, legal support slows down exponentially.  

        Even simple access items such as telephone accounts, commissary accounts, and maintaining proper mail contacts is difficult. We offer a service to maintain all three accounts so you will always have constant contact and know your loved one is taken care of.

Let our professional team of paralegals manage all of your legal support and basic needs. For a set amount each week we will take care of any concerns you have identified or we have discovered in our investigation of your situation.

Case Management

          Case Managers in the DPSCS system are overwhelmed with case work and tend to take days to weeks to answer simple requests. Difficult at best. Our team of passionate paralegals covers all needed case management services with constant detailed communication. We stay in touch with your case manager and develop a working relationship for you best interest.

What Case Managers Cover:

1.       Inmate Balance and Accounts

2.       Parole Commission Hearing and Notices

3.       Inmate Commitment Information

4.       Internal Paperwork and Hiring

5.       Criminal and Civil Case Paperwork and Updates

6.       Home Detention and Home Plans Upon Release

7.       Substance Abuse Help Information

8.       Violence Prevention Programs

9.       Certification Programs/OSTC

        With an average of 100 inmates per case manager, things can get complicated fast. Intrepid's team integrates and coordinates with all of the items listed above. We are the outside entity that will assist you in all of the matters that apply to your situation so that we can expedite results in any category.


parole case files

        A Parole hearing is one of the most important events within the DPSCS System to determine your future. Building a case file for you allows the parole board to actually understand who you are, your plans for the future, and changes you have made. This gives you an identity; not just a number. Creating a customized profile, delivering and meeting with the Office of Parole and Probation prior to your actual hearing, and making all necessary documents available creates the best opportunity for early release. We are the people that build your case for a successful outcome.