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     Intrepid Paralegal Solutions mission is to help clients, from pro se litigants to law firms, with the highest quality of paralegal services and paralegal placement. We strive to connect the most qualified personnel within the legal field to allow the most fluent and unparalleled level of legal assistance possible.  


 - We value INTEGRITY in all aspects of our work and our lives and are dedicated to maintaining the highest ethical and moral standards in our decisions, actions and communications. 

- We value COMMUNICATION and understand it is of paramount importance to our success in Paralegal Solutions. We are committed to timely, responsive, honest and respectful communication with our clients and with each other. 

- We value the PURSUIT OF EXCELLENCE and believe that in striving for excellence we will not only find success, but fulfillment as individuals and as a team.  

- We value INNOVATION and continually challenge ourselves to learn and grow. We welcome ideas and pursue changes that will enhance Paralegal solutions and  services we provide to our clients. 

Founders History and Passion

        Intrepid Paralegal Solutions was founded by former victims of Maryland Legal System. Once incarcerated it was extremely clear how broken the system was for families and defendants.


        Trying to fight your case from inside a detention center is nearly impossible. Phone calls are recorded and cost money, legal information is almost inaccessible, public defenders do what they can before trial begins, and your inability to even receive stationary materials exasperates your troubles.


        We sought out education and information pertaining to all levels of legal services. Helping inmates during pre-trial litigation, filing appeals, advocating for drug counseling, and supporting clients with their inner sanction hearings, we realized our passion. We fight for our clients relentlessly.

Our Passion

DPSCS/DOC and Case Management


        We hold the system and case managers accountable and make sure that your loved one receives the care and attention they are entitled to.

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Post Conviction Modifications and Appeals


        We provide a vital connection between your family member and the ability to pursue a post conviction filing. We provide you with the ability to control your out of pocket cost by working with your attorney to create and process all documents they direct us to do.

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