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Pro Se Litigant Support

We are not lawyers and do not offer legal advice or counsel. We offer you support as mechanics of the law following your explicit direction as we create your filings and responses.

Pro Se Litigant Support

Paralegal Placement - Brain Trust Brokerage

Anything can be written on a resume, but only time and experience working with a person will tell you what they are really all about. 

We will find for you the paralegal you've been looking for.

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National Virtual Paralegal Services

Are you legal counsel looking to accomplish more with less?

Our National Virtual Paralegal Service will allow you the flexibility to painlessly accomplish tasks without added overhead.

Are you a paralegal looking to sharpen your skill set or find a better work schedule?

Our proprietary work flow system allows you, paralegals from all over the country, to earn on your own schedule, whether it be after you get home from work or anytime you choose.

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